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Cause And Effect Essay On Abortion

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There are many reason people have abortions. Pro-life vs. Pro-choice Abortion has been a conflict between the pro-life and pro-choice movement. The question is when does life begins? Life begins at the conception when the egg is fertilized by the sperm. The pro-life moments considers undeveloped human life is sacred and must be protected by the government.

They want abortion to illegal everywhere regardless of the circumstances. When groups of the pro-life and pro-choice debate on abortion they overlook the fact the many women who have abortion have no choice in the matter. There are many who have abortions just to do so but most have no other options available to them but to terminate a life that they may not want to. A lot of people are debating whether or not abortion should be illegal but who have the right to tell you what to do with your body. Many believe that abortion is murder no matter when a person believes life becomes official. There are many reasons abortion should be illegal including the descriptive and disturbing stories about how aborted babies sometime scream as they come out and the looks of pain on their faces.

The health threat to the mother after going through with the procedure as well as the lifelong health risks that remain should be good enough reasons abortion should be illegal. With the rising healthcare costs and instance of disease greater than the medical ability to solve the problems, continued health remains important to all people. Self induced problems such as voluntary termination of pregnancy leads to complications for future pregnancies, reproductive disease, and depression. There many couples available for adopting these children by way of impotence by one or both people this is another option beside having an abortion How abortion does affect your life?

Abortion is a life changing event for most women not just a medical procedure which can cause physical, spiritual and emotional consequences. When you get an abortion some risk are involved as with any operation. Some of the risk include heavy bleeding with is cause when the cervix is being torn or punctured after the operation. Any risk is an infection that is caused when some of the fetus is left inside of the womb and cause you to have a pelvic infection. Sometimes you can have an incomplete abortion where unwanted fetal parts left inside the uterus and this can lead to a hysterectomy which is the removal of the uterus.

Many women suffer with emotional and psychological problems after experiencing abortion. Some of these problems are depression; acute feeling of grief and fear of disclosure, eating disorders, suicide tendencies, anxiety and also increased consumption of alcohol and drugs. These are some of the risks involved in abortion. So think before you go for an abortion surgery. Avoid abortion, unless and until it is obligatory in terms of your health and you were a victim of abused. The psychological effect of abortion on women Most women feel some relief immediately after the abortion procedure, though there is often sadness as well.

Natural hormonal changes related to pregnancy can cause a woman to feel more emotional than usual. Post-abortive women may experience a variety of feelings, including sadness, anger, regret, guilt, or even numbness. Women who have experienced abortion often report symptoms typical of depressive and anxiety disorders, such as sleeplessness, tearfulness, anxiety, hopelessness, irritability, and an inability to concentrate. These problems can be confounded by relationship difficulties that are often both a cause and effect of the abortion decision.

Allied Action Inc. Although many women experience these problems for only a short period, many others have emotional difficulties for a long period after the abortion. These may manifest as clinical depression, an anxiety disorder, substance abuse, an eating disorder, or sexual difficulties. Women who already have problems such as these before an abortion may have a worsening of symptoms as a result of the abortion.

Such difficulties can last for months or even years. Conclusion Many women have an abortion for different reasons. The precedent set by Roe v. Many Christian pro-lifers use their religious beliefs to dispute when life begins. Abortions have always been and will probably be one of the most controversial topics that people do not agree on. There are two groups people think of pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life supporters agree that life starts at conception so abortion at any stage of pregnancy is wrong. Murdering your child. They believe that life is important, and the life of the unborn baby has the same rights.

In contras, each year in Indonesia, millions of women become pregnant unintentionally, and many choose to end their pregnancies, despite the fact that abortion is generally illegal. Abortion due to unwanted pregnancy is considered the best solution. Whereas it is the same as solving the problem with a new problem. Some women already know the negative impact of having an abortion but most women tend to ignore it. Before abortion was legalized in parts of the world, many women would turn to illegal and unsafe methods such as coat hanger abortions. Prior to Roe v. Wade, as many as 1. S because of. Abolish Abortion Did you know that just in the United States over 3, people have abortions every day?

An abortion is when a woman is injected with a fatal substance to kill their unborn baby. It is legal in all 50 states except one type of abortion procedure; Partial-birth-abortion. Women have abortions for many reasons, some being that they are not ready for that kind of commitment or they have been raped and got pregnant. Because of these techniques many women were dying or having injuries after or during the abortion process. Abortion became illegal to women in the 's. After abortion was illegal women found it very hard to get legal abortions by a doctor so they traveled paying a high cost. However when most people think of Planned Parenthood abortion is the first thing to come to mind.

People fail to realize that 35 percent of Planned Parenthoods patient care is dedicated to contraception, and 35 percent is dedicated to treatment of sexually transmitted disease STD treatments. Not to mention 16 percent of their care is put towards to cancer screening and treatment. People have come to the conclusion that Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded because they provide abortions, and also because of their involvement in selling fetuses to stem cell research. Firstly, some woman may be victims of rape at any time. This is one the biggest reasons why abortion is considered normal and the solution for such a problem. A lot of woman have faced rape and could not accept the fact of becoming pregnant in this way.

The woman may find it very hard to raise a baby born in these circumstances with no legal marriage and no father to take care of the child. Problem statement What are the causes of abortion and how can we solve this issue of abortion? Hypothesis Arguments My worldview falls under the Christian worldviews, because I am against this issue of abortion.

I see abortion as a big problem in the society especially in our youth. At one point in time there were up to 1. Knowing the statistics of what Planned Parenthood does and how many women and men use these services is important because of the misconceptions are present and prevalent in the minds of many. For example, most believe that abortion is all that Planned Parenthood does and that it is the most popular. When the funding in places like Texas is lost, people go straight to abortion, when in fact, these men and women will be losing so much more than most realize. Abortion is a topic that causes controversy all over the world. In the case of Roe v Wade, abortion was declared legal, although many still question if this should be the case 5.

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, stating your opinion about the issue can create an outbreak of opinions. Yes, abortion is legal, and yes, women have the right to do with their bodies as they please. However, many consider abortion to be murder, which is not legal and can be punishable by death. Abortion has been a sensitive topic for many years to come.

Abortion is a very controversial topic, for example, one side of this Cause And Effect Essay On Abortion believes abortion is cruel Transcontinental Railroad In Westward Expansion committing Cause And Effect Essay On Abortion, while the Cause And Effect Essay On Abortion side Cause And Effect Essay On Abortion that since the fetus Cause And Effect Essay On Abortion embryo isn 't developed enough Cause And Effect Essay On Abortion be Cause And Effect Essay On Abortion a living human being yet, that abortion is not commiting murder. Top thesis writing sites for phd wasted money on a resume writer. Women who suffer with this syndrome have symptoms such as anxiety, Coworker Support Theory: A Case Study, feeling numb, and several others Cause And Effect Essay On Abortion Abortion n. If someone is going to have an abortion, they should go to a medical professional. Yes, abortion is legal, and yes, women have the right to do with their bodies as they please.

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